CIFAMIX is a range of mixing plants that assures the production of high quality premixed concrete in order to meet all requirements of ready-mix companies and buildings contractors.

CIFAMIX plants are characterized by an extremely modular system including:

  • 100 or 120 m³/h output of compacted concrete;
  • Constant quality under control
  • Long time reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environment protection
  • Reduced area for installation
  • Aggregate units with 4, 5 or 6 compartments, with storage capacities from 120 to 180 m³.

All concrete batching plants are fully produced and assembled in CIFA’s industrial plants in Northern Italy, comprised of 22.000 square meters of warehouse space and many skilled workers.

The installation
Simple foundation work, minimum time to install and put into operation are all that is required due to the design, manufacturing methods and the modular system of the entire plant.

CIFAMIX is equipped with CIFA DNA twin-shaft horizontal mixers, with 2.25 or 3.0 m³/cycle concrete output capacity. Movement of mixture inside the mixer is generated by special helical paddles and by paddles orthogonal to the axis of rotation; thanks to the accurate design of the fluid dynamics during mixing operations, the desired grade of homogeneity is reached quicker, with lower noise and less vibrations. This improves on production and energy efficiency of the whole batching plant.

The aggregate storage and batching unit with an entirely hot-galvanized structure for long-life operation under any working condition, is made of 4 or 5 or 6 in-line compartments with 30 m³ storage capacity in each compartment and comes complete with:

  • aggregate batching by electro-pneumatically operated gates with the in-flight material control designed by CIFA to assure accuracy and quick batching times;
  • two sand compartments equipped with electro-mechanical vibrators for an easy material flow and with microwave type sand moisture probes to measure, in real time for each batch, the moisture content to calculate the compensations of sand and water batching while keeping constant the ratio stated in the recipe;
  • aggregates batching by weighing system with electronically controlled loading cells and safety tie-rods;
  • high capacity extraction belt to ensure the fast extraction of the materials;
  • aggregates loading with one ramp or with inclined belt conveyor.


Production of vibrated concrete: 100 cm/h

Production of vibrated concrete: 120 cm/h