About us

Ever since its establishment in Romania in 2004, the Romanian Branch of the Spanos Industries had developed business solutions prioritizing to provide its customers with products and services that satisfy their needs.

Karpathia represents now the successful business outcome of a complex development process undergone by the former Spanos Industria which, in the last ten months, has worked hard to earn its new brand and to explain positive evolution to all its stakeholders.

Structural changes have been successfully implemented at each vital level of our company and in the strongest pylons of our business.

  • Stockholders
  • Top management
  • Business strategy
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Financial & business growth
  • Human resources

The result is a dynamic company in Romania that offers a complete range of concrete building equipment solutions, with a business focus on CIFA innovative technologies.

Working with our clients on their most challenging issues requires deep industry and functional expertise and the key to our success has been to offer expert support from a team of dedicated professionals who are able to come to the client needs, whether it is about sales or maintenance.

The compact department of Sales of equipments and original or multibrand spare parts, including an expert for concrete batching plants, along with a vivid team of technicians who are able to successfully fulfill all the clients needs by providing two mobile services at all time are making Karpathia today one of the most reliable solution for every costumer in the concrete industry in Romania.