Special horizontal stationary batching plants having two or more truckmixers loading points; these special plants can be designed with the following configurations.

  • 1 wet and dry loading point equipped with bypass
  • 1 wet loading point + 1 dry loading point
  • 1 wet and dry loading point equipped with bypass + 1 dry loading point

CIFA DRY and CIFA DRY/WET series are the perfect solution for medium concrete production, ranging from 50 to 100 m³/h. This is ideal for companies that do not necessarily require only pre-mixed loading points. All plants can be equipped with high performance dedusting equipment to reduce the dust generated during normal operations.

These systems employ:
- a cartridge dust filter on top of the silo with counter-current air cleaning;
- a dedusting system with hood or with a telescopic system for truck-mixer loading points;
- enclosed system of whole plant constructed with insulated sandwich panels.

All concrete batching plants are fully produced and assembled in CIFA’s industrial plants in Northern Italy, comprised of 22,000 square meters of warehouse space and many skilled workers.

CIFA DRY plants are controlled by sophisticated and technologically advanced automatic control systems including PLC and PC.
Furthermore, to ensure the best quality in concrete production, sand moisture is measured by resistive (CIFA DRY 50) or by microwave (CIFA DRY 80) probes and chemical additives are batched by weight. Electric vibrators are installed on sand cones.

Production of vibrated concrete: 50 cm/h

Production of vibrated concrete: 80 cm/h